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Garden Experiment Success

Yesterday I worked out in the garden. Digging up the potatoes I had planted last fall. They did well. Most were a good size overall. There were a few little ones which I replanted. Some rotted and several were missing. Not sure what happened. I should have had a lot more.

My experiment actually goes back 2 years. I began potatoes in buckets. These were ones that I had bought from the store and were organic. They had begun to sprout. Very few grew and they were on the small side. So, I saved those little ones and planted them in the garden last year. Those which grew were little. Saving the little ones and planting them last fall.

Experiments take time to get results. The amount which were harvested definately will make a good addition to at least 5 meals. I usually use 2-3 potatoes in a casserole dish. A little bit of several types of vegestables ends up making a nice sized meal.

The wild onions were from the garden area too. I needed to check on the Bok Choy which I had planted a few weeks ago. Dug them up. Yesterday I cleaned them and are in my fridge. Taking anything I can foreage.

So, I look at little blessings in gardening as a big win overall. Something is better than none is my saying.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.

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