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Garden Tour #1

Hi everyone! This is my busy time on our homestead. So much to do in order to have food planted for eating fresh and for later down the road. The last month I have been canning every week at least twice. Had a bunch of beef bones to make into bone beef broth and pressure can it.

My strawberries are going on their third year. I kept them in pots which was a mistake the first year. The second year, I planted them in my box a bit later then I should have. 2 months ago I added some of my compost to the strawberries and they went to town growing like crazy. As of yesterday, I was able to pick my 4 bunch of fruit. Actually freeze dried my third batch the other day with bananas.

My plan is to add some more compost and straw to this box within the next two weeks. Just waiting on my husband to pick up bales of straw for me. Been having some raining weather the last few weeks so need a nice sunny day so all the bales of straw don't get soaked in the back of his truck.

Having the fruit growing in my garden truly is a blessing from the Lord. This means I don't have for pay for fruit. As of yesterdays strawberry picking, I figure that $24.00 stayed in my pocket. Yep, that's a lot of money in this crummy economy. Staying frugal as much as possible is very important to me.

If you can plant veggies or small fruits in buckets, bags or even a small garden box, please consider doing this. I live in the U.S. and it looks like inflation will not be getting any better. Take care of yourself and family by taking wise steps in prepping food, water, personal and household items within your budget.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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