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Garden Tour #2

Lovely rows of Bok Choy are coming up. Our growing season here in east Tennessee has been about 6 weeks earlier. Already picked and dehydrated 2 small and 1 big batch of this beautiful green leavy Asian cabbage.

Last year was the first time growing Bok Choy. I mixed some leaves with the kale and swiss chard to make tasty salads during the summer months. Lettuce for some reason didn't grow well at all for me. So, using my other greens was the option I had. I refused to pay an arm and a leg for lettuce. It was extremely high in price.

I did add more seeds in the rows which did not pop up. Not sure what happened. Though, when growing a garden this does happen at times.

The Bok Choy I dehydrated then placed in 1 quart mylar bags with an oxygen absorber worked out great! We were able to have many dinners with it in it.

Thinking ahead with canning, dehydrating and now freeze drying veggies and fruits from my garden will keep us ahead of inflation and current food shortages. Preparing is very important to me. Consider living like our ancestors did in regards to growing their own food. I can what I am able to so that my family can have food that are out of season. Makes a big difference in the grocery budget.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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