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Garden Tour #4

I am gooving to my Those are my beautiful wild black berries. Since 2022 I have made at least 2-3 batches of black berry jam each year. Fruit is free and I will take what I can get. My motto "Some is better than none." Jam lasts a long time and we do eat quite a bit throughout the year. This is just one area of black berries. I have another large patch outside of the fenced garden area.

With the new kitchen tool (Freeze Dryer) I will be taking part of the berries which are picked specifically for freeze drying. Doing this will save me tons of money for long term storage preps. By the way sometimes I do use my long term storage preps during the year. If I have run out of something and have it on had I use it. This goes for my short term preps too.

Talking about long term and short term food preps, make sure you rotate what you have. That way nothing goes to waste and you do save money. Don't have to pay the outrageous prices in the grocery stores right now.

My hope is that you have enjoyed the garden tour the last few weeks. Keep praying and prepping.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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